1.- ¿What is a daylight pipe?

A solar light tube is a daylighting system, that captures sunlight through domes on the roof of buildings, and transports it several meters inside, using a highly reflective pipe. This allows dark or windowless spaces to be illuminated, even when they are not directly under the canopy.

2.-¿What do you achieve with the installation?

The result is luminous spaces, full of life thanks to natural light, achieving significant increases in productivity in the workplace, less absenteeism from work, better performance of students in schools, higher level of sales in commercial premises, etc., all using a free and sustainable energy source, that does not need maintenance.

3.- ¿Where it could be installed?

In any space where the tube can be reached from the deck. It is important that the dome is located in a very sunny area, during most of the day, so that it does not have shadows from neighboring trees, walls or buildings. To obtain as uniform a distribution as possible over the room to be illuminated, it is best to place the diffuser as centrally as possible within the room.

4.- ¿What dou you see outside? ¿ and inside?

-A smaller dome than a conventional skylight, that adapts perfectly to the roof and the rest of the projecting elements. 

-A trim on the ceiling that holds a diffuser through which, the light from the tube comes out. The trim can be white

5.- ¿Is the water tightness  guaranteed ?

All components ensure perfect water tightness. The design of the domes, always ensures an overlap of the elements, that prevents the entry of water, even when it rains with strong winds. The roof base at the junction of the dome with the tube, provides a complete sealing of the system, avoiding any leaks. The rest of the critical points have been designed to ensure absolute waterproofing using methods and materials that have been widely proven in the construction sector, while allowing quick, and easy installation.

6.- ¿How condensation is avoided?

By means of a dome that forms an air chamber avoiding the contact of the warm air inside the duct with the cold surface of the dome. In addition, the airtightness of the joints, both in the dome and in the diffuser located inside the building, prevents the circulation of humid air in either direction, eliminating any risk of condensation in the interior. The roof bases, in any of their designs, and thanks to the material they are made of, do not produce condensation on their inner face, which prevents undesired humidity and drips even when there are rapid drops in temperature.

7.- ¿How the insects and dust are avoided inside the pipe?

All the joints of the dome are sealed by means of a sealing gasket, that ensures hermeticism between the materials, preventing the entry of dust or insects into the interior of the pipe or the building. In the same way, the duct itself is sealed with a high-performance adhesive tape, to create a chamber that is sealed against external agents. The diffuser frame, in turn, has a rubber gasket at the bottom which, when pressed on the ceiling, also ensures watertightness through this point.

8.-¿Is it work on a cloudy day?

Yes, although to a lesser extent. Tubysol is by definition a tube of sunlight, so the amount of light transported will depend directly on the amount of available sunlight. The maximum performance will be obtained on sunny days. On cloudy days, Tubysol will also provide light, although in less quantity, just like a conventional window.